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Foods That Runners Should Include In Their Meals

If you want to improve your speed, endurance, and overall performance as a runner, then you should include the proper foods into your diet. Here are some of the best foods that you should take as a runner who joins competitions.

Eat bananas so you can have a quick energy boost. The nutrients found in bananas help long distance runner with their endurance. With its carbohydrate and protein content, it is ideal to eat before a race. While running your lose potassium in your sweat and because of the high potassium in bananas, it can easily replenish what you have lost.

Fish is important to combat inflammation due to the high impact of running. The best fish to eat is salmon because it is a rich source of healthy omega 3 fatty acid and high amounts of protein which you need for training. Farmed or wild caught someone are the best ones to buy because there are sources where salmon contains high levels of mercury and other toxins.

You will need a store of carbohydrates which you can get in pasta. If you eat carb, you can maintain your energy levels. Whole grain pasta is the best to provide the needed carbohydrates and vitamins.

Broccoli has a lot of nutrients which make it ideal for runners. It contains high amounts of vitamin C, folic acid, calcium, and vitamin K. You can help prevent muscle soreness with this food. This is also ideal to achieve peak performance. It is best to eat broccoli with pasta and salmon.

Yogurt has calcium and protein. The best yogurt is Greek Yogurt because they contain live cultures. The benefit of taking healthy bacteria is that it helps your digestive tract function properly. They also help ease joint pains with their anti-inflammatory properties.

Essential vitamins not found in other foods are found nuts. The contain large levels of vitamin E, an antioxidant. The best nut to take is ‘almonds which you can take several times a week in handfuls so that your level of vitamin is elevated. Almonds can be combined with your salads and pasta.

Eating a lot of fruits can help prevent soreness in the muscles while running. One of the best fruits for runners are oranges. An antioxidant good for your health is vitamin C which is found in large amounts in oranges. With oranges you muscle soreness is alleviates and your legs will feel limber.

Another good source of antioxidants and many types of vitamins are leafy greens. If you have strenuous workouts, leafy greens can help prevent and heal muscle damage.

Whole grain breads have better quality carbohydrates that will give you much nutrients to your body.

If you need to repair damaged muscles from high intensity workouts, you need to take protein. Chicken and beef are the best sources of protein.