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The Best Snorkeling Sites in Australia

The continent of Australia enjoys the most number of tourists year in year out thanks to the type of waters in its possession. Most of the tourists even end up extending their visits due to the serene waters they get to see and feel. The waters are the home to various see animals and plants that give an amazing view and feeling. Australia, unlike other nations has legalized illegal immigration as it is referred to in America so as to allows the guests more time to tour and to motivate more to visit. It is the sweet and attractive waters that have pushed most of the Australians to live so close, in fact, not more than fifty kilometers from the beaches. It is everyone’s dream to visit the Australian coast every time they tour the country. If you are a snorkeler, then you will have the greatest fun of your life as the country has the best sites for snorkeling.

It is just one of the many sites in Australia. It is situated about 100km from the Airlie Beach coast and among the numerous islands of Whitsundays and is a home to varied types of fish and numerous corals. It is home to many wild animals. There are various books that provide help snorkelers sharpen their skills. It stands out from the rest due to housing one of the greatest wonders of the world.

Next on the list is the Ningaloo Reef, WA, located on the western part of the country and is a home to more than 500 types of tropical fish. It has the ability to show false colors. The fish usually come out mostly during the summer. The sharks here are usually very friendly unless they sense any form of danger around them.

It is one of the outstanding sites. It has special features such as tea-colored water and less light which creates results in different plants growing in the water. The insufficient light pushes the snorkelers into having an underwater camera which is used to view the plants growing deep in the water.

The Thevenard Island is located in the northwest of West Australia. It stands out from the rest as it is the only one that houses the black coral reefs. The exact site that gives the whole fascinating view of the island is the Black Flag. The site is not a home to any barrier reef hence it is different from all the others with the sleeping nurses sharks also make this island a view to behold.

It is a perfect site for snorkeling. It is good for those who love fish. It is home to mammals that live in water.

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