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Why I’m Giving up on Trying to Always Function as Fun Mother

I took my kids to the children’s arts center the other week and my worry was how they will be in contact with the dirt’s in the museum. I’ve seen some studies that children’s museums can have some of the disgusting germs, but being someone who stays at home a lot, I do not have enough evidence to support this. So on this day, I was especially excited to be part of this adventure. Within the museum auditorium, a wrestling-themed birthday celebration was occurring. Since the door opened temporarily to allow the next wave of individuals in, I had a glance inside.

I don’t use this phrase regularly, but it was glorious. The entire, huge area was decorated pretty. There were brawling rings set up, fake sparkling straps curved on the wall along with grown-ups in Hulk Hogan costumes. There was even a vintage-looking “fighting game” artwork with the fortunate birthday boy’s face on it. to any mother who was there would have agreed with me that the entire event was well orchestrated that you would have to appreciate those who organized.

But it is impossible for me to throw such sort of celebration, and is not that I don’t like having fun, but that I have quite draining social stress that’s taking a toll on me. Being in a big crowd makes me nervous. Her papa, on the other hand, is a person who adores such type of things. A theatre buff in high school, he controls any point and any area with regard to having fun. He’d host a magical unicorn soiree at any place in the world or such birthday parties with Hulk Hogan costumes in a split of a second.

While my nervousness is just a part of the problem, truth be told, there is another reason I am not capable of becoming the “enjoyable” mother. Am not well versed in arranging birthday parties with Hulk Hogan costumes or inside a museum. But I could try to throw the ideal birthday celebration our small city has ever seen, and also a similar one such as the one that I saw people wearing Hulk Hogan costumes. The only thing limiting me is that I will be stuck with a massive bill and expenses that will probably affect my financial balance.

But by liberating myself of this anxiety to throw a party that leaves guests talking for weeks to come, I’m relaying that vigor to someplace it’s more suitable. I am leaning into motherhood full-time. I am giving them the affection, memoirs, and attention that they deserve at this stage in their own lives.

Her birthday is soon approaching and I am still undecided on what we’ll do. We might set up the showerhead in the backyard and allow her buddies splash themselves while enjoying the moment. Or we may organize a party similar to the museum where kids will wear Hulk Hogan costumes to make it even more unforgettable.