A 10-Point Plan for Snowboards (Without Being Overwhelmed)

10 Fun Things to Do to Enjoy Winter in Vail Colorado

Are you planning a winter getaway? It is a great time to travel in winter time, most especially for those who want fun and adventure. If you are used to summer and want some great adventure in a snowy place for vacation, book a flight in Vail, Colorado, and forget your Miami, Florida plans this year. For winter thrill seekers, Vail is one of the top most destinations among locals and tourists alike. In this article, we will share with you the best things to in Vail, Colorado for a fun and exciting Winter Wonderland experience.

1. Bring it on and hit the slopes! With its 5,200 acres of developed ski slopes, there are thousands of skiers making pilgrimages to the snow-covered peaks of Vail, Colorado every year, which is also considered as one of the finest ski slopes in the world. Professionals can help you and you may also join a beginner’s class and training through Vail Ski and Snowboard School to enhance your skills. Enjoy the wide range of ski equipment rental options, so and and check Bridge Street Ski Haus for a complete guide.

2. Relax in their famous hot springs. Sooth your tired muscles while enjoying the beauty of the falling snow even in the coldest winter nights through natural pools of hot springs to stay hot and relaxed.

3. Come to CaniVail! It offers all the excitement and fun of Bourbon Street with a snowy twist

4. Come and witness the Burton US Open Snowboarding competitions. It is considered as big celebration in Vail wherein professional snowboarders nationwide come and compete. There will be halfpipe and slopestyle competitions, and free concerts every night, and the competition this year will be from March 5th through March 10th.

5. Enjoy the snowshoeing fun adventures. Come and experience the magic of snowshoeing, which is considered as one of the most popular things to do in Vail.

6. Experience the fun of ice skating! Whether you want to glide along the ice and shuffle like a penguin, or you’re a graceful figure ice skater, ice skating is a great fun activity for all ages.

7. Experience the adrenaline-rushing and heart-pounding snowmobiling. No matter what your skill level is, you can find the best one for you with their hundred miles of snowmobile trails available.

8. Try a dog sledding tour in Vail. One of the most memorable and fun things to do in Vail is dog sledding, as you get to explore the snow-covered trails which are surrounded by the sound of the sled against the snow and the dogs’ feet.

9. Hot air balloon riding. See the great wonders of Vail with this fun and refreshing activity.

10. Come and eat! Never leave and miss the delicious and hearty food that the Rocky Mountains have to offer.