The 10 Most Unanswered Questions about Cars

Increasing your Car’s Longevity with Pennies.

That right there is a very expensive statement. Three thousand five hundred for a car repair. Great, that’s almost the price of a new car or used one for that matter. We are going to blame that on your love for the car. The only one whose getting played in this case is you and your pocket’s in extension. Maintenance is the one thing you can’t escape with a car as it always has and will continue to be a depreciating asset. It certainly sounds encouraging to hear that you can do some of the maintenance yourself or not depending on how you prefer.

Imagine you with a loose belt or without one in the first place. If you had none that may be the day you broke a record for the worst embarrassing moment’s if your pants decided to come off. Unless you want to officially paralyze the functionality of your car it’s recommended that you replace the serpentine belt as soon as it needs to be replaced. It’s the reason why your alternator, air conditioner and power pumps are working in the first place. You wouldn’t want things working any other way except in their full potential. What’s more is that you can have a serpentine belt replaced without breaking the bank. If your car hasn’t done sixty to a hundred thousand miles depending on capacity then you are still safe with the serpentine belt you have. If you are looking to have a good experience with your car at all times then replacing a serpentine belt is something you must commit to do.

Let’s talk spark plugs. Without them then you can forget about your car running. They are the powerhouse of your engine pistons and determine the efficiency by which your fuel will be used. You have bigger problems to worry about in the case of spark plugs with misfiring engines and poor gas mileage than you do with a serpentine belt failure. Point is you want to make sure these little parts are in perfect condition. Thirty thousand miles and no more is where you give old spark plugs rest and bring in the new ones. If you want to get some action yourself then to get some action yourself then Tool Nerds has the perfect tools and resources to help you accomplish this.

There are things that could potentially ruin your car’s functionality. Just because they happen to be debris and dirt doesn’t mean they’ll go easy on your engine cylinders and pistons. Upon accessing your engine then parting with a lot of hard earned money becomes inevitable. Your engine could use a knight in shining armor by name of air filters.

Not only can they extend the life of your engine but also reduce harmful emissions. Transmission fluid ranks highly among the most crucial part of your car as well as among the most expensive. Sixty thousand miles should be where you decide to have your transmission fluid replaced. There are definitely commensurate benefits for all your replacing efforts. The deal has just gotten better with two hundred thousand miles added to your car and efficient services.