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Top Bar Supplies You Should Not Forget For Your Establishment

If you take time to check on the statistics of new restaurants, you’ll surely be in deep fraught when ou realize that there’s more than half of the restaurants around the globe who ends up closing during their initial year in the industry and even a higher percentage for those who don’t end up getting to a wonderful five years of operation.

One of the most common mistake many makes is focusing all their attention on the kitchen itself without even thinking about their bar supplies – don’t make this mistake and start prepping your bar the right way. If you want your bar to be able to help you achieve a more successful operation, here are the supplies that you should include in your checklist.

When the happy hour comes and customers start coming in huge numbers, your bartender would also be flocked with many customers and his speed will be vital to the success of your operation. There’s no doubt that bartenders would find it easier and quicker to serve customers with a more organized area, which is why it is crucial to have storage tools that are of impeccable quality. You should take note though, that there’s more than one type of storage tool that you need if you want to optimize the organization of your bar area.

The most suitable storage tool to keep your beverages in, like beers and others, is with a cooler, especially one that’s suitable for commercial use and comes with a professional black appearance. You’ll even be able to optimize the performance of bartenders with it, because with its easy usage, they can discreetly withdraw the beverages from it. For your bartender to always have the mixers and liquors he needs when mixing drinks, you should also have a speed rail to hold them, which you can keep by your side or in an easily reachable area at all times. There’s also the bar caddies which you should make sure to look like the theme of your restaurant, as it is the storage for things like napkins, toothpicks and more.

Seeing as you’re running a restaurant, hygiene and cleanliness must always be observed if you don’t want to get shut down, making it vital to buy cleaning supplies as well. Invest on a worthy sink and an innovative washer, as these two areas would be critical to make your things as spick and span as possible. Again, don’t neglect the cleanliness of your place which is why you should also have the proper mats and consider rubber matting as well for optimal results.

It does not take a genius to realize that buying supplies to help achieve better mixing and serving, is crucial for a restaurant since the bar is definitely one of its main components. Three of the most important mixing and serving supply that a bartender wouldn’t be able to live without in a bar, are the liquor pourers, cocktail shakers and the glassware, which are all things you should buy to provide nothing short of the best service for your customers.